Interview of Chanda kochar, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, ICICI Bank.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

About ICICI Bank:

About ICICI Group

ICICI Group offers a wide range of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail customers through a variety of delivery channels and through its specialized group companies, subsidiaries and affiliates in the areas of personal banking, investment banking, life and general insurance, venture capital and asset management. With a strong customer focus, the ICICI Group Companies have maintained and enhanced their leadership position in their respective sectors.

About ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank is India's second-largest bank with total assets of Rs. 3,793.01 billion (US$ 75 billion) as at March 31, 2009 and recorded a profit after tax of Rs. 37.58 billion for the year ended March 31, 2009.

The Bank has a network of 1,563 branches and about 4,816 ATMs in India and has presence in 18 countries.

ICICI Bank offers a wide range of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail customers through a variety of delivery channels and through its specialized subsidiaries and affiliates in the areas of investment banking, life and non-life insurance, venture capital and asset management.

The Bank currently has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Russia and Canada, branches in United States, Singapore, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Qatar and Dubai International Finance Centre and representative offices in United Arab Emirates, China, South Africa, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The Bank’s UK subsidiary has established branches in Belgium and Germany.

ICICI Bank's equity shares are listed in India on Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India Limited and its American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

Awards & Recognitions



For the third year in a row ICICI Bank has won The Asset Triple A Country Awards for Best Domestic Bank in India
ICICI Bank won the Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) India 2009 Award. ICICI Bank won the first place in "Maximizing Enterprise Intellectual Capital" category, October 28, 2009
Ms Chanda Kochhar, MD and CEO was awarded with the Indian Business Women Leadership Award at NDTV Profit Business Leadership Awards , October 26, 2009.
ICICI Bank received two awards in CNBC Awaaz Consumer Awards; one for the most preferred auto loan and the other for most preferred credit Card, on September 30, 2009
Ms. Chanda Kochhar, Managing Director & CEO ranked in the top 20 of the World's 100 Most Powerful Women list compiled by Forbes, August 2009
Financial Express at its FE India's Best Banks Awards, honoured Mr. K.V. Kamath, Chairman with the Lifetime Achievement Award , July 25, 2009
ICICI Bank won Asset Triple A Investment Awards for the Best Derivative House, India. In addition ICICI Bank were Highly commended , Local Currency Structured product, India for 1.5 year ADR GDR linked Range Accrual Note., July 2009

ICICI bank won in three categories at World finance Banking awards on June 16, 2009

• Best NRI Services bank

• Excellence in Private Banking, APAC Region

• Excellence in Remittance Business, APAC Region

ICICI Bank Mobile Banking was adjudged "Best Bank Award for Initiatives in Mobile Payments and Banking" by IDRBT, on May 18, 2009 in Hyderabad.
ICICI Bank's b2 branchfree banking was adjudged "Best E-Banking Project Implementation Award 2008" by The Asian Banker, on May 11, 2009 at the China World Hotel in Beijing.
ICICI Bank bags the “Best bank in SME financing (Private Sector)” at the Dun & Bradstreet Banking awards 2009.
ICICI Bank NRI services wins the “Excellence in Business Model Innovation Award” in the eighth Asian Banker Excellence in Retail Financial Services Awards Programme.
ICICI Bank's Rural Micro Banking and Agri-Business Group wins WOW Event & Experiential Marketing Award in two categories - “Rural Marketing programme of the year” and “Small Budget On Ground Promotion of the Year”. These awards were given for Cattle Loan 'Kamdhenu Campaign' and 'Talkies on the move campaign' respectively.
ICICI Bank's Germany Branch has been certified by “Stiftung Warrentest”. ICICI Bank is ranked 2nd amongst 57 savings products across 19 banks
ICICI Bank Germany won the yearly banking test of the investor magazine €uro in the “call money”category.
The ICICI Bank was awarded the runner's up position in Gartner Business Intelligence and Excellence Award for Asia Pacific for its Business Intelligence functions.
ICICI Bank's Organisational Excellence Group was recently awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification by TUV Nord. The scope of certification comprised processes around consulting and capability building on methods of quality & improvements.
ICICI Bank has been awarded the following titles under The Asset Triple A Country Awards for 2009:
• Best Transaction Bank in India
• Best Trade Finance Bank in India
• Best Cash Management Bank in India
• Best Domestic Custodian in India

ICICI Bank has bagged the Best Cash Management Bank in India award for the second year in a row. The other awards have been bagged for the third year in a row.
ICICI Bank Canada received the prestigious Canadian Helen Keller Award at the Canadian Helen Keller Centre's Fifth Annual Luncheon in Toronto. The award was given to ICICI Bank its long-standing support to this unique training centre for people who are deaf-blind.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Frequently Asked Question

Questions Related to the Hostel & Other Logistic Aspects

1). Is the programme fully residential? Are boarding, lodging travel expenses borne by IMA? Yes. All expenses related to living accommodation and all boarding expenses including morning / evening tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be borne by IMA.
2). Can a Programme Participant stay outside the hostel on all or select days?

Strictly no. It is a fully residential programme.
3). Can we stay outside during weekends/holidays; go to native place; go to relatives’ place?

Yes, with the permission of the hostel warden and without adversely affecting any academic or extra curricular activities.
4). What type of food will be served e.g. south/north Indian; Vegetarian / non-vegetarian? Programme participants must learn to live in a multi cultural environment. Food will be prepared based on a menu to be decided by the Mess Committee consisting of students.It will cater to all varieties by rotation. Non vegetarian items will be included on select days.
5). I have some food restrictions due to health or religious grounds. What can be done?

Please inform the hostel warden to accommodate such requests to the extent possible.
6). Can we cook or bring our own food and eat?

Cooking is strictly prohibited in the hostel. Eating outside food, particularly in the hostel room is discouraged.
7). Whether hot water would be available for taking bath in the morning/evening?

8). What type of living-expenses is to be borne by Programme Participants?

All expenses of personal type e.g. relating to personal hygiene, communication expenses etc are to be borne by the student.
9). What all amenities are available in the room?

Cupboard with lock and key, table & chair, extension of hostel phone, kot, bed, pillow and bed linen. Mirror, bucket and mug. A fan is available. Free electricity and water with 24 hours uninterrupted supply.
11). What should I bring while joining?

A list of essential items to be brought along will be given in the joining instructions. However all personal necessities, clothings, a dressing gown, (bank will supply 3 pairs of uniform + one pair of shoes), one set of spare bed sheets, pillow covers, etc. should be brought along. In addition, a light blanket & light woollens would be needed at Bangalore during winters.
12). I have some specific allergies, diseases etc. What I should do?

Inform warden & campus head while joining. Better take care of your personal health, as you are the best judge.
13). Would facilities for washing clothes like common washing machine and laundry room etc be provided?

No. But arrangements will be made with a local laundry to provide the services. Participants would have to pay for the services availed by them.
14). What facilities will be available for maintenance of rooms etc?

Daily cleaning arrangements will be available. Participants would not have to pay for these services. Similarly minor repairs to electric fittings and plumbing jobs will be undertaken under the arrangements of IMA.
15). How many students will be accommodated in each room?

2 to 5 – depending on the room size and shape.
16). Can I smoke in the room, campus, hostel etc?

Both campus and hostel are no smoke zones. Students are advised not to smoke elsewhere also.
17). Can I choose or change the room or room mates?

No – it is pre allotted. No scope for changing in between.
18). What could be the monthly expenses or cash I should carry?

All boarding and lodging expenses will be borne by IMA. Participants would have to take care of other needs.
19). Any ATM or provision for opening bank account?

All participants are advised to open accounts in ICICI bank and ATM card will be given free.
20). Whether newspapers, magazines etc are available in hostel rooms?

No - not in the rooms. These will be available in common rooms (only English medium).
21). What are the medical facilities available?

Visiting doctor (male/female) at the hostel/campus at appointed time – free consultation. All other medical expenses to be borne by the Participants. All participants would be covered by ICICI Bank Medicare scheme.
22). Can we go for movies late in the night and return?

There would be no objection provided you abide by the hostel rules and return by the stipulated time as given in the Participants’ Hand Book.
23). Can we bring friends/relatives to our rooms and whether they can stay overnight?

No. guests can only be entertained in the visitors Area. No guests are allowed to stay overnight.
24). Whether internet connectivity, WiFi available in the room/hostel/campus?

Internet connectivity is available in the Academic Block during prescribed hours. No such facility is available in the rooms. Participants may bring their own laptop computers with USB Modem/Data card for internet connectivity. WiFi – not available anywhere.
25). Will we have to purchase Books etc. and what will be the approx cost?

Study material and text books will be supplied by IMA. Expenditure on stationery etc and also photocopying etc to be borne by the Participants.
26). Can we carry or use cell phones?

Yes, in the hostel.Cell phones are not permitted in the Academic Block – violation is a serious act of indiscipline
Questions Related to Programme
27). What will be the broad outline of the programme?

How many subjects do we have to study? Please refer under the link “programme”
28). Will there be assignments to be completed in own time?

29). Will there be any practical classes, presentations etc.

Definitely yes. There will be classes in computer lab. Participants would have to make presentations very frequently.
30). Will there be any extra curricular activities?

Yes. e.g. Yoga, debate contests, management quiz etc.
31). What is CGPA system of evaluation?

It is a relative grade evaluation system where the participants would be awarded grade points & not absolute marks. Please refer under the link “programme” for details. A detailed presentation will also be made on the first day of the Programme.
32). Is there a possibility of a student not completing the course and hence not joining the bank?

Yes. Please note that participants are required to successfully complete the Programme.
33). What is meant by successful completion?

Basically it means passing in all the courses; completing the prescribed elearning modules and adhering to Academy discipline including attendance requirements.
34). Am I eligible for leave?

No leave is entitled to PO during the course of their training at IMA. However casual leave will be granted only under extreme compassionate grounds as given below:-(a) Upto two days by respective Deans, in case of death of a near relative or marriage of brother/ sister after verification.(b) Leave more than two days will be granted by the Director.(c) Outpass on weekends will be given by Dy Director.
35). Does that mean I cannot go to my native place during this period even once?

Yes for reasons stated above.
36). How many hours of study or practice do I have to put in?

Class room deliveries around 6 hours; other campus based – around 3 hours; Extra curricular activities etc around 3 hours per day.
37). What will be the class timings?

The whole batch will be divided in to sections. Generally the classes are between 8.30 and 6 pm.
38). Will I have to join the bank immediately after the programme is completed or will I get some leave before I time to join?

You will have to join duty immediately after the internship is over. However, you will get leave for one week between third and fourth trimesters.
39). What is e-learning?

There is a dedicated URL run by the bank. Participants will be provided ID & password & are required to study, answer questions and get system based evaluation. There is provision for retrying. But completing this is a must for completing the course.
40). Can I borrow books from the library?

Text books are supplied free on returnable basis. Besides, reference books will be available in the Library for study there. Some books will be issued for a maximum duration of one week.
41). What will be the library timings?

The library will remain open upto 9 pm.
42). Can I know more about Manipal group or Manipal university?

It is a Deemed University established under Section 3 of UGC Act. It is located at Manipal and has eleven professional colleges there. It also has a Branch campus at Dubai. In addition it has Twinning Programmes with many universities in USA, UK and Australia. It also has a Twinning programme campus at Malaysia. Interestingly, 30% of the doctors in Malaysia are alumni of Manipal. Please refer to website for more details.
43). Can I leave in betweenw; hether joining ICICI bank is compulsory; will I get salary or any allowance during the period etc.

You will have to pay the expenses incurred on your training. These would be as laid down by ICICI Bank.
44). While attending the programme, am I an employee of the Bank or a student?

Though you are a Probationary Officer of ICICI Bank, but during your stay at IMA, you are a Programme Participant and are subject to all campus rules and discipline.
45). I am not very comfortable with computers. What should I do?

You would be provided opportunity in the first trimester. Besides, you are advised to join some computer classes before the start of the Programme..
46). What will be the medium of instruction and interaction with each other?

English. If you are not confident with English then it is advisable to learn communicative English before the start of the programme. Students may also consider studying the following book:“Spoken English – a self learning guide to conversation practice” by V Sasikumar & P V Dhamija second edition or latest TATA McGraw Hills series Rs 195 including CD.
47). Will there be any preparatory holidays prior to trimester exams and any holiday period after the exams?

No. There is no break or gap between two trimesters. However, there will be a break of one week between the third and the fourth trimesters.

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About ICICI Manipal Academy for Banking

About ICICI Manipal Academy for Banking:

The ICICI Group in collaboration with Manipal Education has set up ICICI Manipal Academy for Banking and Insurance, which will focus on employment opportunities for capable young graduates. This Academy will exclusively service the Human Resource requirements of ICICI Group.

The Academy will provide programmes in Banking and Insurance with the aim of developing graduates as specialist in these areas. In this respect, ICICI Group shall design the course curriculum which will be delivered by ICICI Manipal Academy

About The probationary officer Programme:

The probationary officer Programme (PO Programme) aims to create a pool of specialist bankers from graduate student by equipping them with appropriate banking knowledge and skills.

The Programme is a one-year, full time, residential training Programme which will be conducted at ICICI Manipal Academy (Manipal/Hyderabad campus). In the current year, the Programme aims to induct 600 graduates for various roles Programme will be awarded a Post graduates diploma in Banking and Insurance (by Manipal University) and also be absorbed at Assistant Manager-Band I grade in the Bank.

The salient features of the PO Programme are as follows:

1) The Programme will have blended curriculum entailing classroom session, e- learning and internship.
2) The Programme will impart knowledge and skills in general management, core banking, one specialized area in banking etiquette & grooming and language skills.
3) The classroom sessions (9monthes, trimester pattern) will be conducted at ICICI Manipal Academy (Hyderabad or Manipal campus) and the Internship (3months) would be any ICICI Bank branch or office (within India).
4) ICICI Bank will bear the entire course fee for the Programme.
5) The probationary officers (POs) will be paid a monthly stipend of Rs. 2,500/- for the first 9 months and Rs. 7,000/- p.m. during internship towards their living expenses. Further, the probationary officers will also be covered under Group Medical Insurance, Group Life Insurance Group personal Accident Insurance for the duration of the Programmer.
6) Gross salary upon successful completion of the course will be around Rs.3.5 lacks p.a. The probationary officers will get assured employment with ICICI Bank upon successful completion of the PO Programme. Their final posting will be decided by ICICI Bank and can be at any location within India.
7) Successful completion of the PO Programme will entitle the probationary officers to the further their management education through a MBA course in Banking &Insurance (Distance Learning)
8) Probationary officers who exit the Programme before its completion will be liable tom pay the entire course fees (Rs. 2.5 lacs). It is compulsory for all Probationary officers to join ICICI Bank in the roles allocated to them upon successful completion of the PO Programme.

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